Wakeboard | Water Skiing


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  • From 20€
  • from 8 ans
  • on the spot
  • www.teleskibarcares.com
  • +33 (0)4 68 86 23 45


Behind a boat or on the ski-lift of Barcares, come to initiate yourself to the thrills.

Wakeboarding is a water sport that appeared in the early 1980s after the advent of the skiboard (which is now snowboarding) from a combination of skiing techniques Nautical, snowboarding and surfing. In English, wakeboard designates only the board, the sport itself saying wakeboarding. The wakeboarding practitioner is connected by a rope to a motor boat or a ski lift that draws him, slips on the water and keeps himself on a surf board or skate1.

The wakeboarder is called wakeboarder, or “wakeboarder”, or rider (said to be a practitioner of sliding sports or skateboarder).

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